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Packing requisites

Some quick tips to remember while sending goods via a courier company
  • Pack things in specific transit cartons, that are double walled and robust
  • Parcels may be stacked one above the other, so the packaging should be strong enough to handle the pressure during transit.
  • Always choose a box that is bigger than the things that needs to be packed, to enable protective packaging inside the box
  • Under-filled cartons face the risk of collapsing and overfilled cartons can burst
  • If possible, it would be good to wrap the material inside separately, as this will prevent items from getting smashed
  • Consider using polystyrene, or alternative as an additional cushioning device
  • Use a strong tape around the edges of the boxes, to prevent any kind of damage.If needed, use arrow-up labels
Precautions to be taken, if you are shipping delicate and fragile materials
  • Place them in the centre of the carton
  • Keep them away from coming in contact with the outside walls of the box
  • Surround them with adequate cushioning material
  • In case of more than one fragile item, like cups and saucers, cushion around each object, as well as keep cushioning around all of them
  • 'Fragile' and 'Handle with care' are clearly only for information
Precautions to be taken if you are shipping liquid items
  • Make sure they are kept in strong leak proof containers
  • Use a double wrapping of plastic film as a seal
  • Follow the packaging instructions as suggested for delicate and fragile items
  • Keep liquid items in separate cartons, dedicated just for them to avoid any leakage and damage to other materials Instructions to follow while writing the Address
  • In most cases, a properly formatted address, printed on your computer can be used on the package
  • Otherwise, it is also fine to write the full address and other information clearly on the outside of the package
  • Use large capital letters and black or dark blue ink
  • Never rely on ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with care’ labels as a substitute for careful packaging.